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For a businessman it would be great to reach out to a large audience at one go to promote a product. There are ways through which this can be done. However two things that might come to your mind are the cost and the effectiveness of such a process. In any case your best bet would be the SMS short code which is very popular in the marketing world today. Through this SMS short code system organizations can promote their products to millions of customers and is considered as the best and the most convenient way.

The SMS short code is effective for any type of business. Whether you deal in real estate, insurance products, or in automobiles, you can be absolutely sure that with short codes you will not only be able to reach out to potential customers but would also be able to showcase your products/services in a much more effective way that would ensure you your return on investment (ROI).

Now if you are a beginner or new to this segment you may wonder just what are short codes? Well, to be precise short codes are actually specific dedicated short numbers. These are special because they are shorter than normal mobile numbers. With the help of SMS short code you manage SMS Voting, Contest, Quiz Competition, Examination Result, Stock Alerts, Customer Registration, Travel Confirmations etc. Short codes are made shorter to ensure that users find it easy to read them out or remember unlike usual telephone numbers.

The SMS short code service offered by SMS-g4u has lots of beneficial features which can do a lot to promote your business. Some of these are SMS identity that is unique to your business with worldwide reach, multiple queries processing with keyword or sub-keyword facility, wide range of choices, callers detailed list to facilitate after-sales promotion, generation of increase in inflow volume etc.
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