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Send SMS API for Single Recipient
http://sms.guwahati4u.com/pushsms.asp?BSS="HAPI"&username=& pass =password&sender=senderID& to=919999999999&message=Hello
Send SMS API for Multiple Recipient
http://sms.guwahati4u.com/pushsms.asp?BSS="HAPI"&username=& pass =password&sender= senderID&to=919999999999,919888888888&message =Hello.
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Bulk SMS Developer API


With the advent of the developer API kit from SMS-g4u makes the process of navigating around destinations within your website much easier. When you use this developer API kit you can easily integrate your software or any other web based SMS Alert System.You may ask why you have to use this kit from SMS-g4u. The reason is simple and also evident. API kit is the most simplistic arn easy to integrate with very little knowledge, almost everythning is fully automated.

The developer API kit is not only easy but works too. If your website is travel based then this kit will prove to be very useful. With this facility your website visitor can instantly receive any SMS Alert feature that your website is featuring. The good thing is that you need not be a website developer or designer to implement this kit in your website. As a matter of fact implementing the developer API kit is very easy.

You would be impressed to know that more and more websites are using the developer API kit. You need not feel overwhelmed by the technical factor when you decide to install this feature into your website. You will find lot of technical services available on the internet and these will do all the technical work thus taking off your headache. Of course it is true that this cannot be done by someone who doesn't know what he is doing as it can be a difficult task for him. However for a web designer who knows his job it can be no problem at all. In the future many more websites will be using developer API.

In fact technically speaking the developer API is better than a link because it not only displays your business location but also enables the user to get to you from anywhere.
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