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BULK SMS Gateway
Telecom companies or cellular service providers offering SMS services also do provide bulk SMS gateway services to customers. Through this service you can send SMS messages to a number of recipients using the website of the service provider. On the internet you will find different bulk SMS gateway services operated independently by various service providers. As there is stiff competition amongst these service providers you will find that some gateways are better than others as these have more features.

Some of these gateways have features that allow you to create and send messages to multiple recipients. You can also create group lists, manage your messages or even send customized replies. Bulk SMS gateway from SMS-g4u has all these features. People who do not posses SMS equipped phones/pagers can send SMS to an SMS equipped phone or to another network by using the bulk SMS gateway service. Similarly your friends or business associates can also send SMS messages to you.
The interesting advantage of this system is that you do not have to have an e-mail account or an SMS-equipped phone to keep in touch with other people because with a bulk SMS gateway you can connect with others easily. All you need to have is a computer with internet access.

There is however one disadvantage with this system and that is file security. There is every possibility that your interactions through a public gateway system can be monitored by any third party. In this context using Short Message Service Centers to send SMS are considered to be more secure though the threat of being monitored also exists in these transmissions.

The bulk SMS gateway service provided by SMS-g4u runs on a robust software application through which you can subscribe to a large database. All your SMS messages will be routed to the appropriate carriers through the usage of appropriate settings.

Bulk SMS gateway can be very useful for people in India to send SMS messages. Through this service they can send or receive SMS messages even if they do not have mobile phones or SMS enabled phones.

This service can also be useful for big organizations or governments because it is such a convenient medium which makes it possible to send important messages to a large number of people. In the event of natural disasters like flood, earthquake, hurricane etc alerts can be sent that would help prevent accidental deaths. Bulk SMS gateway can also benefit educational institutions, societies, communities etc.

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